Search Orders Shopify Module Broken

It seems as if the Shopify Search Orders Module is broken. It is no longer returning any values when doing a search. I noticed that the Searching for Any Status is Deprecated, but when leaving blank, it still returns nothing no matter what values I enter.

This new Module update has caused a bit of turmoil in my store now…I heavily rely on the Search Modules for a lot of my operations. So now I see there is no option to choose Any Status and now I’m forced to choose 1. Well the issue with this is that I need to search for paid and partially paid orders, because partially paid orders are orders that I refunded one product, but the rest of the orders are in tact.

Anyway to have the module search for both paid, and partiallly paid? Perhaps in an array?

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I think you can construct a custom API call to get the required orders. You can find more details here Order

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I figured it out…So the Rules are is that you must have the Status Selected at all times (Please Make engineers update this to be red or put a note that this is a required filed). All of the other Financial Status and Fulfillment Status can be blank.

So it works fine now, like before. The confusing thing is that Order Status is not the same across Shopify, so putting Closed as the status made it seem wrong, but Closed just means the order is completed.


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