Shopify module acting up

I’m performing some testing with my scenario and the initial module to kick this off is Watch Order from Shopify. With the settings of that module you have a few statuses to pick from:

The only way I get can data to be pulled into the module is when I set all statuses to “any”

If I select open status instead of any and try to run the module I get zero results. On my shopify side I have 3 orders in the open status so I would expect 1 of the 3 to show up as a result. (I have a limit of 1 set on the Shopify module)

Anyone having this issue or have some ideas to test?


Hey @DanielS,

A workaround is to set everything to ‘any’ and add a filter between it and the next step to only continue the workflow when the status is ‘open’. Downside is that is will run more often than it should, but if this is the first step, it won’t take up too many actions.

Also isn’t clear from your message whether you’re testing it by creating new orders. If you want this scenario to run with all orders up until this point, you should use the Search for orders trigger.

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