HIGH PRIORITY: Shopify Search Orders Module Not Working!

I think the Shopify Search for Orders Module is down. It’s returning back 0 bundles of Customer ID’s I know for sure have orders in them.

Has this module been deprecated or something? I do see a lot more Shopify Modules than I’ve ever seen before, but the Search Orders module is not working.

For the record, I already re-authorized the app and all of the other modules are working fine.

It stopped working about 5 hours ago and it is still not working! It is the Shopify module that it is not working for some reason.

Wow, I was just trying to use this module for the first time and pulling my hair out trying to figure out why it wasn’t working… good to know at least it’s not my issue and hopefully I can come back later to get it up and running. Thank you!

I even uninstalled the app from my Shopify store, reinstalled it and reauthorized and verified to no success. I finally reached out to Make’s technical support and hopefully they will find a solution for this issue as soon as possible.

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New update:

I received a very quick response from Make’s team support which honestly is very impressive. Long story short, they are working on it and hopefully it will get fixed soon.


Hello everyone @here and a warm welcome to all the new joiners :wave:

First of all, I want to say thank you very much for raising this issue here. We truly appreciate it.

I see that you already got the info from the support team and thanks a lot for sharing it with the community @Alireza_Mehrnia :pray:. Still, I wanted to quickly let everyone know that this is a known issue and that our dev team is currently investigating it.

I will keep an eye on this issue and will post an update here as soon as I learn something new. If you prefer to get an automatic update in your inbox when the fix is deployed, please open a support ticket with us.

On behalf of the Make team, I would like to say that we’re really sorry for any trouble this has caused you. Thank you very much for your understanding and for bearing with us :pray:


Hello everyone, updates from your side?? We have different scenarios with Shopify and none of them is working.

Hello @Michaela I’m truly sorry to bother you again but this issue is causing a lot of troubles for us. Do you have an estimation of how long will it take to fix it?

In the meantime, would any developer or any Make Team member be able to guide us into using the Shopify API - https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-rest/2023-04/resources/order. I personally use the Search Orders using the CustomerID in order to search for their orders.

I’m willing to pay a developer to get the Search Orders API working in Shopify. I already have a Private App, so I have access to the Search Orders. I just need the API endpoints and testing. I can’t get it to work with the filters.

Hello, while they fix it, I managed to fix it using “Make An API Call.” If you can’t do it, you can send an email to tino@ooptime.com, and I could help.

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Hello Tino, How did you manage to do it? Did you use this Module instead of the Watch Order one?

As I understand it, you need a Private Shopify App in order to initiate the API Call.

We are having this issue with one of our Shopify clients and Make based solution we created for them. It looks as though this might be a deeper issue…

This is an alert in the Shopify Partner portal:

These are the 2 resources it leads you to:

Fulfillment Apps
Migration Guide

It looks as though the basic Orders module in Make won’t cut it as it stands by my interpretation (though I could be wrong - please let me be wrong!). Instead, it looks like it wants us to move over to using Fulfillment Orders, even when we’re just “reading” them via a module:

I’m wondering if this means that we need to replace our “Order” modules with “Fulfillment Order” modules?

Like others, I have a client waiting to hear back from Make Support on this one so thanks in advance to anyone on the team working on this as the solution we built for our client is dead in the water at the moment.

@OOptime Sent you an email! Thanks in advance for the help!

Would anyone know the proper Query String using the Graph QL API Call to search for all Fulfilled Orders for a particular UserID? Any help filling out these fields would be appreciated.

Answer from Make, it seems that this issue is caused by Shopify and not Make, they are contacting Shopify support


I can confirm that this is an issue on the Shopify side. I just updated and added a new API and even in the new API, the orders are not retrieved. So the issue seems to be with Shopify and only seem to affect certain stores.

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The best thing we can do is for all of us to contact Shopify. If the Make team @Michaela let us know the ticket number of the issue reported, we can reference it. This would give more validity to the ticket, because the first few days are going to be Shopify saying there are no issues.