Search Tweets, does consume a lot of credits?

I use the Search Tweets using search pharse using some “hashtags” and then add rows in google sheets. I know that Make doesn´t search before one week.
Also use date filter to search only in the last 24hs.

As an example: I search for tweets with the hashtag “#world” in the last 24 hs,
The filter 24hous only will work when Make retrieves all the tweets with #world.

So the question is: Suppose there are 1.000.000 tweets with the #world and then Make discards 999.999 leaving the only one found in the last 24 hours, how much credit will it cost to me?

999.999 or 1?

I hope I made myself understood, Regards, Martin

The search module only uses one operation & it doesn’t matter how many results it delivers.

If you add google sheet results, it will use operations for every result (millions if you find millions). If you filter out every result but one, it only uses one.

You might want to look into google sheets “batchUpdate” to add multiple rows with one operation.

Thank you!!! I will look at google sheets “batchUpdate” also

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There is no module for that. You’d have to use the “make an API call’ module and set it up yourself :sweat_smile: