Filter (Exclude) from an external database

Hi, how can I exclude (filter) data regarding to an external database?
I´m searching tweets and then pull the user ID (who wrote the Tweet) and then add a row in Google Sheets.
But, I don´t want all the users so I want to filter them from a list in Google Sheets.
How can I filter data between Module 4 (Twitter) and 5 (Google Sheets)so let the “allowed” go to the spreadsheet?
Any advice?
Thank you for your help!

You could put a “search row” module in between and only add rows for Tweets where it does not find any entry. This adds one operation for every tweet you find.

Another option might be to pull the current list of ids at the beginning of the workflow, create an array and check if the ID from module 4 is in the array. This would lead to you having more than one Tweets in your sheet if you find more than one tweet from a given user in Module 4

Thank you, I will investigate the second Option. Regards

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