Seeking Help with Airtable - Discourse Integration

Hey Make Community,

I hope you’re all doing well! I’m reaching out because I have a technical challenge that I’m excited about. I want to create an integration between Airtable and Discourse to streamline our FAQ management. Here’s what I have in mind:

I’m looking to set up an Airtable database that houses our FAQs. Simultaneously, I’d like to have a Discourse forum where community members can ask questions using a specific template. When a user submits a question following this template on Discourse, it should trigger an action in Airtable. This action would add the question to the database and, ideally, allow it to be automatically added to our FAQ page.

  1. Has anyone in this community attempted such an integration between Airtable and Discourse before?
  2. What tools or methods did you use to achieve this integration, and were they successful?
  3. Are there any best practices or considerations I should keep in mind when setting up this integration?
  4. Are there any potential challenges or pitfalls I should be aware of?
  5. Are there any recommended resources, plugins, or guides that could help me get started?

Thanks a lot!

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hey @Marco_Schobert

There are a couple of trigger modules for Discourse on the Make platform, but I believe your scenario would be similar to this:


Here are the guides you can refer to:

Airtable (
Discourse (