Selecting different outputs for GPT

I want to generate n=3 outputs for a GPT prompt completion and use each one later down the workflow, but cannot figure our how to select each indexed response separately for make to pick up the text…Help?


2023-05-12 08_37_52-AI form fill basic _ Make — Mozilla Firefox

There is a two way to do this,

One is to use an iterator, to loop through Choices, but assuming that you don’t want to repeat the subsequent modules, what you want to do is use index value during mapping.

Screenshot from 2023-05-13 01-36-26

So, Just 1 for first result, 2 for second and so forth.


If you don’t iterate you can also use the get() function with the index of the array as the second argument, 0 being the first element.

First() and last() are also available with the array as the only argument you grab the first or last element.

But if you want to use each one in order the iterator is the correct approach.


Heya @Dan1 :wave:

I just wanted to drop by and see if you had a chance to test out the solutions proposed by @Runcorn and @alex.newpath. Did either of them do the trick for you? Feel free to keep us posted on your progress!