⚠️ Send a Fulfillment Request Broken

It seems as if the Send Fulfillment Request Module is broken, yielding the following error: The operation failed with an error. 0: Fulfillment order line item does not exist…See attached video:


If you install the Integromat Chrome DevTool, it will let you see the raw request that’s being sent to Shopify. You can then mimic that request in Postman or on the command line using CURL to get some more detail about what’s going wrong and figure out what input it’s expecting exactly.

If you’re unable to do that, or in addition to, you may need to open a ticket: https://www.make.com/en/ticket


Hello again,

You may want to search Shopify forums for this, seems quite a few people have the same issue while using the API, but it’s caused by their Shopify implementation and how the order was originally set up in the Shopify system.

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Yeah I’ve given up on this.

In their own words (Shopify and their power users), order fulfillment via API is one of the most difficult things to get a grasp on. I’m not too familiar with it, but after some searching I might have to agree.

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Hello there @jmacman :wave:

Shopify’s choice of language for their concepts and API endpoints is quite intricate, which can lead to some confusion while working with them.

I can confirm that on our end, there are currently no reported issues with the Shopify modules. That means they should be up and running.

Just thinking out loud here. The problem could be related to

  • the logic of your scenario
  • the nature of your online store -. If you’re not dealing with physical goods that require stocking and restocking, ‘fulfillment orders’ might not be relevant for you.

I would suggest clarifying the lingo and concepts with Shopify to ensure that you’re employing the correct actions for your setup.

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