Send a message to a Discord chanel following each user's timezone


I am sending a message each day to a chanel on Discord at 15 PM.
It is working but…

The problem

The members of the chanel where the message is sent will receive it in the timezone according to the settings (in my case UTC+2).

I’d like each user to receive the message at 3 PM in their local timezone.

I guess i need to use something like timestamp but i don’t know how.
Or is there a way to make one scenario for each timezone ?

This is not possible. You cannot send a single message to everybody at different times in a channel, so you need to pick a single timezone instead of multiple user’s timezones (unless they are ALL in the same timezone, which I am assuming they are not because this case wasn’t stated).

If you want to send a message to individual users at different times, you should be using private messaging instead.


Thank you Sam !

I think i understand what you mean, in a single channel this is impossible.
I can’t use private messages as in Discord i need to be friend of every members of my server (more than 6000!)

I think I’ll use a slightly less elegant solution, and send the message once to the timezone that’s supposed to receive it first.

Or is there a way to create a scenario for each timezone ?
I have seen in my profile parameter that i can chosse which timezone i use.

Sure, assuming you have users in every single time zone, so all you need to do is send the message hourly for 24 hours to cover all timezones.

Does it make more sense now?