Sending an Outlook email to 2 recipients

Hello there,

We are trying to send an email to 2 recipients with the Microsoft 365 Email module.

In the “'To” field, we might have up to 2 email addresses. (Please see screenshot below.)

Everything works perfectly fine when both email addresses exist.

However, when the 2nd email address doesn’t exist, Make gives us an error message.

We tried using the ifEmpty() function to pass a “null” value to Microsoft if the 2nd email address doesn’t exist, but that didn’t work. Make returned an error message to us.

We also tried creating an array of “To” email addresses using Make’s array functions, but that didn’t work either.

Any ideas on how to get this to work if the 2nd email address is missing?

Thank you!


Include both required email in the iterator and aggregate with receipt array.

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