Set ClickUp Custom Relationship Field in Create Task Advanced

Hi Makers,

So I’m trying to set up relationships between ClickUp tasks representing CRM records. I want to use the Create Task (advanced) module to make a new task that’s related to an existing task.
I’m getting this 400 error:

which I think relates to the fact that I just put the ID of the task I want to relate to into the custom field for that relationship within the Create Task module:
I fetched a test task with the same type of relationship custom field, and noticed that the value in that field is not just a task ID, but an array:
So would I need to get the task I want to relate to, extract a similar array from it using some combination of Make tools, and map that array to the relationship custom field in the new task? Any ideas on how best to do this? I’m fairly basic with functions and Tools modules…
Thanks in advance!

Try switching the MAP switch, and see if it equates to the proper field. if not use the drop-down and select the proper custom field.

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Oh does that error mean I have the wrong field key? I thought it meant the value was in the wrong format.