Setting up a Notion and ChatGPT integration

Hi, I am a newbie and need your help for Notion and Open AI ChatGPT integration.

Here is what I want to achieve.

  1. I clip a web article into Notion database by using a chrome extension called Save to Notion
  2. I extract a content of the web article located in a page content of the Notion database’s item in Make.
  3. I send the extracted content to ChatGPT and summarize it.
  4. I extract the summary and get it back to one of the properties of the original Notion database’s item.

The attached images are what I have done.
Do I use the wrong modules in Make?

Can someone tell me how to set it up in Make please?


Hi, this looks good to me - do you see any errors or are you encountering any obstacles?

As the second module, you may also use “List page content” instead of “Get a page”