Setting up Webhook + Instant Trigger for a custom app

I’m building a custom app to integrate Cal - a meeting scheduling service - with Make. I’m trying to setup Webhooks + Instant Triggers for certain events in Cal - “BOOKING_CREATED”, “MEETING_ENDED” etc.

Here’s my implementation of the Subscribe to Bookings created webhook:

    "qs": {
        "apiKey": "{{connection.apiKey}}"
    "url": "/api/integrations/make/addSubscription",
    "body": {
        "subscriberUrl": "{{webhook.url}}",
        "triggerEvent": "BOOKING_CREATED"
    "method": "POST",
    "response": {
        "output": "{{body}}",
        "data": {
            "webhookUrl": "{{webhook.url}}"

The communication for the Booking Created module is empty, type is set to Instant Trigger and it is connected to the Subscribe to Bookings created webhook above. When I try to test the module and webhook in a scenario, I’m able to authenticate successfully using the apiKey connection.
(Screenshot from requests made to my nrgok url)

However, the POST request is not made to the api route provided in the webhook’s Communication file.
(I’m able to successfully test another module in the same app that is of Search type).

Have you managed to create this app? I would love to use It🙏🏼

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Hey @IdoPuter

Yea, I do have a working app . It’s called - you should be able to find in the apps list when creating a new Scenario in Make. Here’s a link to the app:

Let me know if you run into issues or have a suggestion to make it better!


You are the one! thanks🙏🏼

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Hey there @aar2dee2 :wave:

just wanted to jump in and ask you if you could share your solution with us. It would be super helpful for other Makers to see how you defeated the issue. :crossed_swords:
Also if you don’t mind could you mark the response as a solution? Thank you very much!

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