Share a link to a Google Docs newly created

Hi there,

  1. I’m collectiong information via a Tally form.
  2. When the form is filled, I then pass those answers into a google docs via the tags {{}} - it creates a new document in my drive.
  3. I then want to share this newly created document.

But i guess that means that I have to:
a) change the permissions automatically to “everyone with the link”, and
b) somehow, in my make scenario, retrieve a sharable link, to then send if by email

The use case is basically for renting:
I’m asking personal information to the future tenant via a form,
Then populating a template contract with the information from the form,
and sending him the pre-filled version of the contract with his information, via email.

What’s your advice on sorting this use case ?

Thanks for your help

Something not-obvious when working in sheets and docs (I’ve been there)…

Document sharing is actually part of Google drive’s modules, so are many of the other functions like copy, delete, etc.

This ought to do it:

You can also use that module to share it with specific people instead; if you prefer.