Do I need to share a Google Drive folder with all?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to set a scenario which will “Get a Record” from an Airtable table, use the data to “Create a Document from a Template” in Google Docs and “Update a Record” in Airtable with a link to the PDF version of this document (which is on a folder of my Google Drive).

My problem is that if I don’t share the folder with all, the Airtable field containing the link file of the PDF file doesn’t lead to anywhere (I get a blank page if I tried to open it).

If I do share the folder with all, the link does lead to the Airtable copy of the PDF file.

I went through all the procedures on Google Cloud Console to get a Client ID and Client Secret and activated Google Drive and Google Docs API.

In my scenario, I log in with my Client ID and Client Secret for the Google Docs “Create a Document from Template” module.

I assumed doing this will allow me to not share the folder with everyone but I seem to be wrong.

Is there a way to make my scenario work without having to share the folder with all ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Instead of sharing the entire folder just share the File.

Do following:

  1. Share only file not the folder.
  2. Use Google Drive “Get a Share Link” action to get the share link.
  3. Modify the share link prefix this like: (map if from previous module output)
    4, Map this modified link to the Airtable Update a Record module.


Thanks for your help !

I tried to do as you instructed and added a Google Drive “Get a Share Link” in my scenario.

But the module returns a “Share Link” which is of type “…” and a “Web Content Link” which looks like the type you described in your message “”.

Can you confirm I must use the “Web Content Link” and not the “Share Link” ?

@Gilles_Salzstein is this what you see? and any hints if you’ve solved this since then?

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It worked for me with the “Web Content Link” and here’s the module configs.

Hey @Vasken, thanks a lot for stepping in and sharing your solution with us. It’s greatly appreciated and super valuable!

@Gilles_Salzstein, have you had a chance to check out the suggested solution or maybe found another way to tackle the issue? We’re curious to hear how things are going and if there’s anything we can help with. Feel free to let us know!

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Thanks @Michaela :raised_hands:

I’ll be happy to share and get hints from the experts here on better alternatives.
And I’ll make sure art has a place and the scenario’s look nice.

I am thinking of drawing a lion head for my next scenario :smiley: