Do I need to share a Google Drive folder with all?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to set a scenario which will “Get a Record” from an Airtable table, use the data to “Create a Document from a Template” in Google Docs and “Update a Record” in Airtable with a link to the PDF version of this document (which is on a folder of my Google Drive).

My problem is that if I don’t share the folder with all, the Airtable field containing the link file of the PDF file doesn’t lead to anywhere (I get a blank page if I tried to open it).

If I do share the folder with all, the link does lead to the Airtable copy of the PDF file.

I went through all the procedures on Google Cloud Console to get a Client ID and Client Secret and activated Google Drive and Google Docs API.

In my scenario, I log in with my Client ID and Client Secret for the Google Docs “Create a Document from Template” module.

I assumed doing this will allow me to not share the folder with everyone but I seem to be wrong.

Is there a way to make my scenario work without having to share the folder with all ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Instead of sharing the entire folder just share the File.

Do following:

  1. Share only file not the folder.
  2. Use Google Drive “Get a Share Link” action to get the share link.
  3. Modify the share link prefix this like: (map if from previous module output)
    4, Map this modified link to the Airtable Update a Record module.

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Thanks for your help !

I tried to do as you instructed and added a Google Drive “Get a Share Link” in my scenario.

But the module returns a “Share Link” which is of type “…” and a “Web Content Link” which looks like the type you described in your message “”.

Can you confirm I must use the “Web Content Link” and not the “Share Link” ?