Shopify Tags Stopped Working Recently

Please See Video Below. It seems as if the Shopify Tags and Updating Customer has broken. Been running the same code for almost two years and all of a sudden, I see how the Tags are Garbled now. Perhaps Shopify made some API changes that Make needs to update?

You should do the formula this way. Because the first module output i.e. Tags are already in an Array Format hence no need to use EmptyArray.

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Thanks so much for the Solution, but still get the same results. Tags are still not divided and still are all on one single line.

Tags Not Working

Dear, you must create an array to send tags. Every item field in tags only accepts one string as tag. Not comma or anything else will works. So create a array before this step and map the tags to use this array.

Thanks, Helio!
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Ok all working now. I forgot to turn on the Map switch. Thanks so much.

Can show your solution working @jmacman ?

Tks for help!

Here you go:

  1. Choose the Customer Tags[ ] Array from Shopify. Depending on the previous module, you may not get the Array, so I always use the Get Customer Module right before it.
  2. Add whatever tag after the colon
  3. Make sure the MAP is on.

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