Smartsheet Search element not returning results when it should

Hi, I’m currently trying to set up an integration between Jira and Smartsheet. The goal is that when a new task is created or updated in Jira and the custom field “Sync to Smartsheet” is checked, Smartsheet searches for the Jira task ID in a specified sheet. If the ID is found, it updates the row, if the ID isn’t found, it creates a new row for that task.

The issue I’m having is that every time a new task is created in Jira, it goes to smartsheet just fine, however if I then update that same task in Jira, it creates a duplicate Smartsheet. It does this until after a few times of hitting “Run once” in which it then FINALLY finds the ID in Smartsheet and updates the task.

Updating existing tasks works just fine though, as it always finds the task ID. This issue only happens with newly created tasks.

I tried using a sleep element before the Search Sheets smartsheet element so it gives it time to update, or refresh itself but it didn’t work.

Screen Shot 2023-12-12 at 6.51.16 PM

This is how it looks when it finds the ID:

Any tips or advice are appreciated!

Hey @elmnto

It would be hard to tell the true cause of this behaviour unless the RAW logs of the ‘Search Sheets’ request is checked. You can use the Make DevTool to see what actually happens with the request but if you are unable to, I would suggest reaching out to Make Support to take a closer look:

Get support (


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll give it a shot.