How to return an exact search only in Smartsheets

I have a workflow built that involves searching our main database in Smartsheets and then either updating a row or creating a new row if the match is not found.

The search step is using a concatenation of First and Last Name. The majority of the time this is working as intended. However sometimes, the Smartsheet will not find the row with the exact match, but will return a partial match instead.

I have created a filter so that it does not overwrite the partial match row, but it is creating a new row in the database when it should be finding the exact match.

Appreciate any help!

What is the configuration of your update row module? Better to show all configuration of all modules of join can. And the filters.

Hey Alex,

The update row module is receiving the row id from the search sheets module.

The “Exact Match” filter is comparing the Text output from the search sheets module with the input of the search sheets module(Search string).

The No Match filter is doing the same, but proceeds if the two aren’t equal.

Here is the Search module:

Appreciate the help!