SOLVED: Google Calendar All Day Events starting and ending a day early

I have been trying to work on this and I am stumped. I’m also trying to reach out to help.

I have had this scenario working for over a year but recently it has starting putting the events on the calendar a day early. I read other posts that talked about formatting dates or adding hours to correct this. I have tried that but still am having issues.

In the screenshots, you can see that I added hours but those are just ignored when passed on to google.

So in the example the input is 10/21/2022 - 10/28/2022. Knowing that it changes it to 10/20/2022 10:00pm and 10/27/2022 10:00pm I added 2 hours to the time to force it to 10/21/2022 12:00am and 10/28/2022 12:00am.

But it’s still outputting to google calendar as 10/20/2022 10:00pm and 10/27/2022 10:00pm

I found this support article on Google, to get the Multi-day events to work you have to add a day to the end. This is because of how the iCal protocol works from what I understand.

When I added a day to the all-day event it corrected everything.

This article on Google talks about the issue in response to the same thing happening with Zapier and Google that I was having an issue with on

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Awesome work figuring this out @cre8iongroup!

And thanks a lot for sharing the solution & resource with the community. I’m sure this will be super helpful for someone facing similar issues in the future :pray:

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