SQL server must add values in all fields

We are attempting to connect Knack to MSSQL Server to insert records into an IDB that transfers that record into the main database – the trouble we are having is that it is requiring a value for all fields in the table – we only want to populate about 5 – 7 fields at this step….is there a way to turn off that requirement? This is not required locally on our SQL server when we create a row, so we are trying to identify where this requirement for a value is coming from? i.e. is it coming from SQL server itself or the Make flow?

Populate with null values? Have you tried that?

we did try that - so far doesnt work as a number field needs a number etc …

I am having the same problem, in my case the Trigger is a new row added/inserted into a Sql Server Table. Surely that is the event and that should act as a trigger without requiring any values from the table itself.