SQL Server - Monday.com ( Identify new and updated records )

I’m doing a feasibility to see if we can use make.com to do an integration between SQL Server and Monday to do a uni directional integration. I have been playing around with the platform but I couldn’t find a way to do following.

  • When there is a new record in SQL server table insert it to Monday.com
  • When there is a record update in SQL server record update respective record it Monday.com

As I see Make.com provides module to read from SQL server table periodically but it can’t really trigger when there is a new record or a update. ( Eg Zapier platform provides those events out of the box ). So it seems like Make.com module is stateless( it doesn’t know what happen earlier ) and if I need to compare status of different systems that has to be done manually somehow.

Hi @Ravinda_Senarath,

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There are things Make can do and cannot do. One is the Triggers/Watch Events Module which entirely depends on the end systems and whether they can provide data INSTANTly or if needs to be Polled every X minutes/seconds.

MySQL, SQL Server, or any other relational database(not excluding NoSQL) tends to fall under that category. If you are using any Cloud Hosted solutions as a DBMS, they could provide you with the capability of sending webhooks whenever there are any new insert/update events in a specified table.

If you are working with the application directly you can modify the codes or have an extension installed in DBMS that could send a trigger to send events regarding any changes in your database, which I believe is not the scope we are discussing now.

I’m afraid I have to disagree that Zapier has this capability, however, what they provide is Polling and they check every X minutes in free minutes to check for any changes in records, and good about it is that they do track certain fields to make sure new changes are reflected in Zapier. This can be technically done through Make as well.

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Thank you for the reply @Runcorn . I have a question BTW

Can you explain how to do this in Make?

I haven’t worked in detail with it. For eg, If I need to do it for MySQL,

What I will do is,

Use either a Search Row(s) from table Module or use Execute a Query. Not sure how your database table is structured, but if it contains createdAt(Creation Date column) or updatedAt(Update Date Time Column) then you can use either of the modules above and create a SQL query based on it.

For eg, If you set it to execute every 15 minutes then you can create a query that will search the audit/DateTime fields to select all rows with those dates greater than,

{{addMinutes(now; -15)}}

Having said that, I am not sure Make is the best tool to do this. What you can do is Maybe if you like setup Zapier and then create a webhook in Make, and you can push the data from Zapier to Make whenever there is any new addition or update action :sweat_smile:

Thanks @Runcorn . We are going to use either Zapier or Make and I just wanted to know if we use Make how complex it would be. Anyway Thanks again. :+1: