Storage option for storing a value

Zapier has an action called Storage from Zapier and we can store a value and then use modulator function and then can increment the value using an incrementor function. How can we do this using make?
Below is the problem statement.
We want to take a value from sheets and store in a place and do a modulator function with it and increment it by one everytime the scenario runs. This will help creating or using the value in the google sheet one after the other.

Please help me create this in Make.

Hi @Lokesh_Vukkem

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To store the data, has “data store” app

Please follow the steps to increment your value:

  1. Use “Add/Replace a Record” Module to store your initial value in data store in different separate scenario.

  1. In your main scenario, use “Get a Record” to call the value stored in data store and “Update a Record” to update the value in the data store.

To increment the value, use + operator:

Replace set variables with your actual modules.

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