Strange BUG? - 2 Scenarios Triggered At Same Time Causes Error - Need a pros help please ASAP:

Hey everyone! I have a deadline for Monday I’m trying to meet, running into a problem.

I have two scenarios:

The first scenario watches (instant trigger) for a jotform submission, it then proceeds to create a new task template in my project management app Clickup, from there two more basic steps, edit a task, etc.

Second scenario, watch the clickup list (instant trigger) (a clickup list btw is the place where the scenario described above stores my newly created templated task inside of clickup) and trigger this scenario when any task has been updated, or if the status on a task in that list has been changed.

The Problem:

If I run each scenario described above one by one, meaning run scenario 1 one time to watch for a new form submission, it works perfectly once a test form is submitted. Then I turn that scenario 1 off, I go run scenario 2 now and it watches for new task updates in that clickup list I described. I make updates in that list with scenario 2 running and it works perfectly. The problem comes when I turn on both scenarios and keep them turned on (scheduling set to on, running continuously for both scenarios). Now with both scenarios live and running, I’ll fill out a form and then what happens is a new templated task is created in clickup, that scenario 1 works, but scenario 2 errors on the second module. The first module in scenario 2 is the trigger the clickup module watch tasks trigger (instant), the second module I have is a clickup module, the “get task” module to get the info of that task that was being updated, it errors right there and it says that the task has been deleted as you can see in the photo, however that’s not true, because when I run each scenario explained above individually it works perfectly fine.

My testing and thoughts - need help on this:

I think the reason this is causing an error and it’s saying the task is deleted even though that’s not true, is because I think when I update a task normally with the watch task updates scenario module, I can update things quickly and everything works, however the interesting thing about the watch tasks trigger I have for scenario two, that module triggers when a task is created into that list, not just updated and not just status updated as I mentioned I’ve specifically set for it, it will also trigger if a new task is created, even though I have that turned off, it’s triggering becuase it sees when a new task comes in, it sees a status on a task and triggers, there is no way around this, I can’t tell it to stop triggering newly created tasks, from my tests and knowledge, so firstly, is that true? Secondly, because I can’t turn the abillity to ignore newly created tasks off (which would most likely solve my problem of error here) I think since the information is trying to be collected by two scenarios at the exact same time, I wonder if that’s why it’s erroring? Interesting though, the only error that ever happens is exactly the one I’m talking about on the second module seen in the screenshot attached.


  • Does anyone know why make would error and tell me the task was deleted, even thought it has not been deleted?
    I need to cause a delay to the system, I’m not sure about a good way to do that. What I wanted to do was create a scenario to use one of makes modules they offer and use a module to connect to my other scenario and delay it when another scenario triggers, I don’t know how to do that though, could anyone explain how to do that? The help documentation make provides is not enough, I tried to connect to the make modules and it’s not working, even after I generate an api key, I can’t fully connect it seems, even when I try to use the connect to scenario list id module or whatever that’s called, I put in the id and it says I’m missing read priveleges but that’s not true, the api key I set to have read privleges. I would love to know an easy way to trigger or delay other scenarios from within a scenario.
    I wonder if I could cleverly use the sleep module…

I’m just quite lost here and have a deadline for Monday. Any advice would be very helpful and reassuring. Thanks for everyone’s time.

Clickup has the tendency to be a bit slow at time, so if your new task isn’t synced properly, you can run into (fake) deletion warnings (basically they’re telling you the task isn’t there, regardless of the reason).

Just to verify the obvious, when you setup the webhook for the instant watch module for Clickup, did you leave “task created” unchecked?


When you want to delay a scenario, the “easiest” thing to do, is add a sleep module to it.

This could help and gives clickup a bit of time to get the data :slight_smile:


Thank you Nola! I appreciate your quick response. Yes I did leave the task created uncheked.

The idea about the sleep is not going to work well, I need something more clever. I don’t want to sleep the scenario all the time (every time it triggers), which is what your method would do.

It’s GREAT to have insight and know why the error is happening though, thank you very much for that. I need to make the other scenario delay based on the jotform scenario running and only delay when that one runs. How can I do that? So how can I delay scenario 2 when scenario 1 fires?