Setup a ClickUp trigger when I get assigned to any task in a space

Goal: Create a Todoist task from a ClickUp task once I get assigned to it.

  • I need the scenario to run when I am assigned to a new or already created task in my ClickUp space.
  • The scenario should trigger everytime I get assigned to a task.
  • I should have one ToDoist task for every ClickUp task I get assigned to.

How do I get the scenario to trigger once I get assigned to a task?

Current Setup:
This is triggering a new task to be created in Todoist everything anything is updated in tasks that I am assigned to in ClickUp. Guessing I need to setup a filter to only trigger new tasks in Todoits when I get assigned to ClickUp tasks. I’m not sure how do that.

Good morning,

its easier to do it on the ClickUp side → configure an automation there with a trigger “Assignee Added” and have it call a Make webhook to start the scenario and create the ToDoist task.

This will use a lot less operations, since the ClickUp Watch Tasks Make module will trigger on every change and you need to filter only the ones that are relevant. So in the filter you already have called “Only if task was created/updated today” you need to add AND change is assignee was added AND the assignee was me.


@Stoyan_Vatov, thanks! That worked perfectly!