Stripe & ActiveCampaign


I am trying to create the following scenario:

Subscription Cancelled on Stripe → Update Contacts List Status on ActiveCampaign (unsubscribe them from a last, and subscribe them to another list).

I have added the modules as per the attached, but I can’t see any option to map the customers email address from Stripe and over to ActiveCampaign.

I have a working scenario with Stripe and ActiveCampaign already, so the connection is there. And this scenario is triggering properly when a cancellation takes place, but I just can’t see any option to map the customers email address in this case. Please can somebody advise?

Many thanks


you can use the Retrieve a Customer Stripe module to find their email address as the Watch Events only returns the customer ID.


Hi Stoyan.

Thanks, so would I use the “customer” option for the Retrieve a Customer module, and then the “email” option from there?

Yes, you can use the Objecct.Customer from the Watch Events module to get the customer and then from there you can see the email.


Hi Stoyan

I did that and I got the attached error messages, can you see what the issue is here please?

Thanks again

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 10.55.44

Hi Stoyan

I have tried this using the object.customer and from the Watch Events module and I’m still getting the same errors as per my last message.

I don’t suppose you know what the issue is please?

Sorry to be a pain.