Stripe product purchase - Teachable enrollment. How to filter by product

Hi team!

I’m trying to run a scenario:

  1. I created a product in Stripe - it comes with it’s own checkout page where the customer pays directly, really easy and nice.

  2. On Teachable, I have different courses to sell. I want to create this scenario for one specific course that matches one specific product on Stripe.

  3. The scenario is: when someone buys product in the checkout page in Stripe (watch events), THEN, the user is enrolled in my course in Teachable. (Enroll in a specific course)

  4. I created a filter between the Stripe module and Teachable module, so I can filter only the purchases coming from that one course.

I create the scenario in Make, but when the Stripe module runs, it takes the data of any successful checkout. Then, I created the filter, but I don’t know where can I get the information of that specific product created in Stripe. There’s a long list of variables, but I can’t find which one identifies one specific product in Stripe.

Question: Any idea what variable to select to identify one specific product from Stripe in the filter in my scenario Stripe- Teachable?

I’m new at Make, I hope you understood my problem.

Thanks a lot for your help team!