Stripe/telegram automation for subscriptions

Hi, new in the make community, trying to create an automation for my paid private telegram channel.

I’m not sure how to start it. What I would like it to do is :

  • Allowing users from my public channel to subscribe to the paid channel and invite them when they paid
  • Kicking expired customers from the private channel

Thanks in advance!

May peace be upon you @Marian_Elsaesser

For the first use case you can get started with the watch payment module, then you can add a telegram module to create and invitation link and then send that link to the customer ( You might also need a module to search for the customer telegram username if you don’t have that )

For the second use case, you can use the scheduled module of stripe to check the payment status of an invoice, if the status of the invoice remains unpaid for the deadline, you can then use the Kick a chat member in the telegram module.

Let me know if it worked and If you need further help, feel free to contact


Thanks a lot for your help!

I’m not sure how to link the telegram handle with the stripe customer, that’s my main issue with this. I’m not sure I can add a field on Stripe customer profiles to get this info. Any idea?

I think you can go through the Stipe Customer reference here : Customers | Stripe API Reference

You might be able to add telegram handle or id information as the meta data but it has to be tested I think.

Let me know if it worked and If you need further help, feel free to contact

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Thanks Rezwan, you’re the best! I’ll add it as a solution if the tests are successful :slight_smile: