Suggestion: change Make Academy certification names

Just a small / not really that important suggestion, as seen in other software’s certification naming practices:

Naming each certification something like Level 1, Level 2, etc., instead of words like Basic or Intermediate sounds more professional and it’s more prone to having people wear the badges with pride :slight_smile:

Basic, to me, even implies a lower grade than Foundation. Both “Basic” and “Intermediate” sound very newbie-ish.

I do see the point of using words like Advanced, for higher grade certifications (if those become available).

Formats I’ve seen:

  • [Product Name] Level 1; [Product Name] Level 2
  • [Product Name] Foundations Level 1; [Product Name] Foundations Level 2, etc.
  • [Subject] I, [Subject] II, [Subject] III


Hi Guacamuller!

Paul here from the Make Academy.

First off thank you for the feedback - in our eyes, there’s no such feedback that we’d say is not really that important. Your perspective as an individual and as a learner is massive to us! And we’re always keen to hear the thoughts of our Makers and identify improvements where we can with the Academy. So sincerely thank you for taking the time to post this here.

I can share some insight into how we built the learner journey and the ethos of the Academy.

  • We looked at frameworks for learning that have a ‘foundation-first’ approach; the basis that learning builds upon prior knowledge and experiences. e.g. I use the analogy of laying the foundations of a house, and then building on these foundations by learning the very basics and then gradually building on that complexity.

  • We’ve also aimed to make the Academy as informal in aspects where we could, (e.g. the language and tone of the content, hence the lack of levels), and eventually landed on the Foundation>Basics>Intermediate>etc routes for our learning journey. The order of these of course be flipped the other way!

Thank you for the feedback on this - the comment in particular about wearing the badge with pride is genuinely something we can factor in with how we present our content, and we’re working on making the learner journey clearer.

And stay tuned for Advanced! :slightly_smiling_face:

Paul B.


Thanks for the Answer, Paul! I’ll be looking forward to the Make Advanced Certification, I’ll definitely show off that one :wink: