Sum line item quantities from xero invoices

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A simple thing for someone that knows what they’re doing (haha):
I just want to search xero invoices from past 60 days and sum the total quantity for each item. I am getting totally wrapped around the axel with iterators, aggregators, and array functions… but still no simple answer.

lets say we sell 3 different widgets. I just want a sum of qty invoiced for each widget within a 60 day time period.

simple. right?

any help is greatly appreciated!!!

i can get to an iteration of arrays that each contain the qty…but how do I sum the quantities up to a total??

Here is the approach you can try:

  • Use the “Search Invoices” module in Make,com to retrieve invoices from Xero. Set the filter to get invoices from the past 60 days.
  • Add an “Array Iterator” module to loop through each invoice retrieved in the previous step.
  • Inside the array iteration, use the “Split Text” or other appropriate modules to extract line items (items sold) from the current invoice.
  • Add another “Array Iterator” module to loop through each line item extracted from the invoice.
  • Inside the second array iteration, use the “Aggregator” module to sum up the quantities for each item. You can use the item name or a unique identifier as a key for aggregation.
  • After the iterations, you will have aggregated quantities for each item. You can format this data and output it as needed, such as writing it to a Google Sheet or sending notifications.

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Thanks for the help! What i ended up doing was

  1. search for invoices based on my criteria
  2. iterate through line items
  3. aggregate on the Xero Item Code
  4. then finally when I write to google sheet I used: {{sum(map(13.array; “Quantity”))}} with 13.array being the aggregator module in the previous step

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