Switch not Mapping from BambooHr to Jira

We are trying to integrate BambooHR to Jira so that when a new employee comes on board a ticket is created to set him up in our systems and with hardware. One of the required fields is “Office Location” which is a select list in Jira and I need to translate from the Bamboo Representation using a switch command


This fails generating the following error

The strange thing is that if I go back and remove the switch statement and hardcode the location as 10984 (see below) the code works and the output bundles appear the same. Frankly this is driving me nuts, I am likely missing something obvious, and appreciate any help


That’s odd, the switch statement looks fine too.

Maybe try and use a “set variable” module where you put in the switch statement to get a bit of a better sense of what’s going on?

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This looks like a bug to me, since we can see the final office location id value in the input bundle are the same.

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