Map Jira issue status to status column

First of all, I know there is a native integration between and Jira. However, it is extremely buggy and has some limitations that are shortcomings for us.

I think my question is a simple one, but this is the first scenario I’ve built that’s not just doing stuff WITHIN Monday so I’m afraid I’m missing something that’s more complicated.

I need to map the status of a Jira issue to a status column in Monday. It looks like it’s bringing the data though but then it doesn’t populate the column in Monday. Here is a simple scenario to show it:

Hi!! Welcome to the Make community!

It’s possible that Status in Monday is using an Index; which means you may have to make a more sophisticated mapping if you want it to work.

Can you check in the Create and Update modules if the Status field offers you the capability to select between Index and Label?

And if you selected Label, check if values correspond between Jira and Monday?


@Benjamin_from_Make Thank you so much - that was it! To be honest, I should have known that. I know I’ve had to do that in the past but it’s been over a year since I’ve had to build anything in and I’m apparently very rusty!
Thank you again!


@Mechele_Couger, don’t worry, it’s like Bike; it comes back rapidly!! :rofl:

Happy it solved your issue!