Sync contacts between Freshdesk and HighLevel LeadConnector

Hi everyone,

Glad to finally be joining this community.

I’m looking for a little bit of help setting up a scenario automation.

We have a CRM in HighLevel LeadConnector that we use for all marketing, and also Freshdesk as our helpdesk/ticketing platform.

We want to ensure that if a contact is created in LeadConnector, it also gets created in Fresdesk, and vice versa. We also want to sync changes to contacts back and forth.

This should in theory be easy to do but it seems like the Acid Trigger for Contact Updated on the HighLevel side runs on a schedule and isn’t immediate. In addition, the module seems to return completely random contacts and not actually contacts that have been updated/created. For example I’ve just run it and it’s given me a contact last updated in August when I’ve updated over 20 contacts this morning alone.

Any advice?

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I think in theory, a bi-directional sync is not feasible since you are watching change events on both sides; any changes made will trigger a change event on the other end, thus causing an infinite loop.

You might want to consider making one the main contacts database, and the other the clone of.


This is likely because the schedule is “behind” due to the fact that the number of items it processes is fewer than the amount of updates is needed. You can increase the bundle limit, or schedule the scenario to run much more frequently.

You can “reset” the point where the updates are to be processed, by right-clicking on the trigger module > “Choose where to start” > select “From now on” or “Choose manually”.