Text custom field to drop down in clickup

i want to change text custom field in clickup to dropdown but I fail to do it as there is no option of dropdown

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What are the available options? Sometimes a dropdown is also called a select or multi-select.


@VARGHESE_ANTONY_JIMM A dropdown in ClickUp uses UUID (as text) to select the proper item. You could use a switch() function to convert your text to the UUID for each option.
If you would like to see which UUID an option has, you can use the “List all accessable custom fields” module.

Here is an example of one of our Asana → Clickup integrations converting text of the dropdown item to UUID.

{{switch(ifempty(first(map(49.custom_fields; "display_value"; "name"; "Type")); "empty"); "Bug"; "f806a140-f9a8-436e-bf8d-6d3c63398aac"; "Feature"; "27c74430-540d-455a-944d-ba3a2023c698"; "empty"; null)}}

Using this module gives you all options for your dropdown:


see what I need to achieve is I have data coming from API once the data comes in it shows a custom field in text view. now I need to change that and make it to dropdown with automation inside make. is it possible

this is how the custom field looks like

can ou guide me with each module how I will be implementing by selecting on each step

If I understand correctly you have a text field in ClickUp called “Insurance Name” which has the data in text, and this you want to add in a dropdown menu inside ClickUp.

Yes, you can do this;

  • Create a dropdown field in ClickUp
  • Use the method I explained above
  • Add the data from text to dropdown using UUID

i didn’t
understand can you please show it to me with screenshot and also which scenario to choose

HI Bjorn,
i want to create all these 3 custom field marked in red to dropdowns currently i am not able to understand from where to start and how to do it can you explain how it will get converted or it will create a new field under dropdown

Please read this tutorial @VARGHESE_ANTONY_JIMM

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its a complete different scenario it doesnt help