ClickUp: modifying Drop Down Custom Field

Hi Team

I tried to use the ClickUp custom fields but i am struggling to make it work.
I create new projects from a sub-customer in QB and i would like to include that info in ClickUp.
It allows me to use the module “edit custom fields” but when i want to use the advance one, does not have field type ‘drop_down’, it only have ‘label’.

Do I need to change it to labels?

Thank you in advance!


Dropdown menus in ClickUp use an ID. You can not enter the text you see on the front, but instead need to use the ID of the item in the dropdown menu.
You can use the “get custom fields” module in Make to check all the options you have for your custom field.


HiBjorn i appreciate your response! I asked to the support team and they said i shoud do an API call. They confused me even more. I will follow your advice, thanks!

Hi @Bjorn.drivn I tried to use “get custom fields” but it is only to read. There is no accessible mapped items that i can connect with the module.
In another scenario I tried to use the labels and the value as well it is an ID. In this scenario i tried to connect the labels in Click Up with the name of the vendor.

How i can make it work to use the text in the label or drop down?

@Mechanical_NedForde You are doing something completely different here than your original request?
Your original request stated you wanted to change a custom field dropdown item. You have the use the ID there.

Now you want to do something in Quickbooks to find a vendor? That shouldn’t be an issue, you can just use labels…however I am not completely understanding what you want to do in the whole scenario now.

Hi @Bjorn.drivn
Sorry, I wasn’t clear.

The topic is about the custom fields that works with ID rather than the direct text.
The first case I take information from QB that I want to match with a drop_down field in Clickup. In this case are Type of job and Invoice type. To reduce it to a few options only.

In the second case on the first picture I check the custom field that I would like to get the name> in this case ‘label: BSS’. And then I tried to use a function I though could work.
In this one, I have the vendor’s name in a label and I would like to match with a vendor in QB.

In both cases I would like to match the same info in both programs, in order to pick one label/drop down.

But I am struggling to understand the way/function that come up with the text in the labels/drop down.

Thank you again.

I think I understand what you are looking for @Mechanical_NedForde . I recommend you look into the map() function documentation a bit more .

Basically the map does the following:

map(<array>; <return this>; <filter key>; <filter value>) 

So if you want to return the labels, and you know the ID, then you would do the following:

map(<array>; label; id; fabb3443-234rdg4e-drg4g-drg34)

Feel free to play with it a bit more. Don’t hesistate to contact us or book a meeting when you need additional support.


Spot on! Thanks @Bjorn.drivn ! I read the documentation but wasn’t that clear for me.
I will try it, thanks for the support!


Hi @Bjorn.drivn just to update and share my progress.

I figured out what to do in the first case.
I was trying all this time to add the drop_down fields in the module ‘Edit task with Custom field (advance)’, thinking that was advance because the non direct information.
I found that ‘Edit task with Custom field’ could work mapping the OrderIndex. So each option would have a number from 0. I matched the name with the index and now it is working.
In the other hand I had to add a module for labels to add the job reference number. In this case I just copy the ID of the custom field and i mapped the ID of the Label ID.

Thanks again for your time and support

Hi @Bjorn.drivn
I m still struggling with the second case formula.
This is the case of the purchase management, so from a purchase request create a purchase order. I try to match the vendors in Click up in a label with the vendors in QB.

I tried this formula: get(map(2.custom_fields_original[4].type_config; “label”; “id”; 2.custom_fields.Vendor/Suplier); 1)

Any hint to make it work?

Hey @Mechanical_NedForde , I think you are taking a difficult approach here while not necessary.
In clickup “get task” you get 2 custom field object back; a “Custom Fields” and a “Custom Fields (original)”.
The “Custom Fields” already has everything mapped and you don’t need to make any functions. The original object requires all kind of mapping.
Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 13.22.56

If this doesn’t work out, please explain a bit more what you are looking to get out of your mapping function and also create a screenshot of the output

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Hi @Bjorn.drivn

In the API ClickUp either labels or dropdown retrieves the UUID > Custom Fields
That’s the information in the ‘Custom fields’

But i would like to get the text inside of the label, that’s why I am applying the formula.
I did realize that it is a discrepancy between the scenarios, but i do not understand why.

So to be able to use correctly the formula as i did in the previous scenario I need to get into Custom Fields (original): Type_Config : Options.

Thank you again

@Mechanical_NedForde You will have to use multiple map() and get() functions because you have nested objects.
The first thing you need to get is all options for a specific custom field. You can do this the following way (filtered by ID in this case):

{{get(map(1.custom_fields_original; "type_config.options"; "id"; "34d3dcce-a1eb-4abf-aac0-fab6d6312c5b"); 1)}}

Then from there you can add another map() function on top of it to get the value you are looking for.
Good luck!

If you need any assistance let us know or book a call :slight_smile:

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Hi @Bjorn.drivn Sorry for the late response.
And thank you for that hint!
Just to confirm, I should create a tool module as you shown in the picture, and then in the QB module the rest of the formula using the data form the previous module, isnt it?

Thank you again

Hi @Mechanical_NedForde ,

You don’t have to, you can do all of the mapping inside of the QB module as well. I just used it as an example.
Use multiple map() and get() formulas to get the final result

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I’m currently working on a similar problem. These are harder to work with than basic text data. And the challenge does become matching up the information between two systems, which is challenging when you’re getting ID’s rather than the name of the selection.

Here’s my idea to make this easier for the lifetime of your business:
In a spreadsheet, create a list with 4 columns.

  1. Custom Field Name
  2. Custom Field Type
  3. Custom Field Option Name
  4. Custom Field Option ID.

So each ROW entry might look like this:
Vendor - Dropdown - Company ABC - faabb3813-2e20-46B

Now that you have this in a fixed list, we can easily relate Company ABC to the ID number for a specific custom field.

When Company ABC is found in QBO, then search for the needed entry above, then store the ID as a variable. Now, simply input the ID into the “Update ClickUp Custom Task” module. And voila!

Now, you might say… this adds a whole step of having to find the custom ID name, and add it to a separate excel list. But… we could create a secondary Scenario that would Get All Custom Fields, then add them to a spreadsheet. Doing this, you would now have every single ID for quick reference and use in other scenarios! Any time you add a new custom field, just re-run your scenario, and your list will have everything you might possibly need!

I haven’t done this yet myself, but this is my plan! I think it’s an elegant way to capture this back-end data for future scenario use!

Edit: Okay… now I’m stumped. “Get Custom Fields” only gives me the ID’s of the field, not of the individual option ID’s. How can I easily gather those?