I do not know how to map my fields


I need to make a flow between Quickbooks and Clickup. My flow is next:

  1. Trigger event: whenever someone updates a bill within a Quickbooks,
  2. Action: I want to update a task within a Clickup which corresponds to that particular bill.

My flow looks like this:

  1. Quickbooks - update a bill,
  2. Clickup - edit a task. (maybe I should add a step in the middle, something to find that task and then a 3rd step would be to edit a task that was found in 2nd step - should I do that?).

Anyway, my biggest issue starts when I want to map my fields. I have no clue what I am supposed to choose from a dropdown menu? Neither in Clickup nor in Quickbooks…

I appreciate your help,

Hi @Tanya, I assume that you are storing every bill in ClickUp as a task. Can you tell us what data are you storing there? You need to find that unique attribute that connects the bill and clickup task (and I’m pretty sure it has to be Bill ID).

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