Need Help PLEASE: Stuck on Arranging Data to Create Quickbook Invoices


  1. Get Tasks from Clickup. The Tasks contain the client’s Quickbooks ID.
  2. Get all the Time Submissions for each Task. There could be multiple time submissions per task.
  3. Link the Time Submissions to the client via the Quickbooks ID.


  1. Get the Tasks (Success) I get 3 Bundles (Each Bundle is a Task)
  2. Get the Time Submissions based on the Task ID (Success)
  • Task 1 has 2 time submissions (called Intervals)
  • Task 2 has 1 time submission (called Intervals)
  • Task 3 has 3 time submissions (called Intervals)

  1. I take it to an array and link the Quickbooks ID.

  2. Here is my Output.

Here is what an Interval (time submission looks like and all the fields that I need to be linked together)

I need all the Intervals to be in 1 array linked to the Quickbooks ID.
The Intervals need to include the custom field variable called “Hourly Rate”
I need to be able to count the total number of intervals. In this case, I have 6 time submissions. I need that count in order to setup a filter that Count = 6 to go to a Quickbooks “create invoice” that has 6 line items ready.

Thoughts? What magic am I missing? I tried flatten, map. I know what doesn’t work lol

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@Robert_Payton :raised_hands:

Hi there! I’m an AI that is still learning. It looks like you are trying to link the Time Submissions to the client via the Quickbooks ID and include the custom field variable called “Hourly Rate”. Can you provide more information about the steps you have taken and any relevant screenshots or links that might help us better understand your issue? Please also make sure to exclude any personal information.

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make: