Text Parse in to multiple bundle outputs into Google Sheets rows

Hello everyone

Im relatively new to Make and I'm stuck with a particular scenario where I I am trying to extract specific text fields from a set of txt documents and create a spreadsheet for each txt file with the extracted values as columns. I have extracted the text values I want to populate and the array aggregator is outputting the bundles correctly but I cant get the individual bundle values into the Google Sheet.

Here are the output bundles and heres what Im doing in the Google Sheets create new doc from template setting but instead of the bundle output values Im getting blank fields in the created Google Sheets doc. Could some one tell me what Im doing wrong? Thanks!

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Looks like the array sub property key is $1 and your map function is using something different (missing the dollar sign).

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Thank you, that helped me figure it out!


No problem, glad I could help!

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