Things that make you go "hmmm"

If this deserves a warning…

Why is this better?

I think that’s a general warning at the end as transforming assumes you’d want to then do something with that data.

Whereas Sleep could be the end of a scenario, though more likely to be used at the end of a route, pausing before moving on to the next route.

I hate those warnings. It’s very unlikely to forget to add the actual action but very common to have a “utility” module at the end of a branch while setting things up.

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LOL, What you are saying is true.

But… If you want to argue about it😊… My most common use for the create JSON module is to use it to set the data structure for a Array Aggregator. For this use, it is almost always the last module in the route.

So, to have a warning message for this seems rather arbitrary and dare I say “silly”. On the other hand, my most common use of putting Sleep at the end of a route is to stop the aforementioned warning.

“Lord, save me from helpful people.”


Interesting! Can you give an example scenario where you are utilizing that? I’m curious now :slight_smile:

I’d love a global setting for “stop warning me about everything”.