"This execution cannot be displayed: blueprint version is missing"

When I try to run my scenario “Update Deal Pipedrive → Do something”, a message: “This execution cannot be displayed: blueprint version is missing” happens.
I don’t know how to fix it and run my queue in the process.
Is it a bug?

If you try going back to the homepage and returning to the scenario does that fix it?

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No, the problem persists.

I was having this same problem and got it to work by rolling back to the last version that was functioning properly. Thankfully there weren’t any major changes between the two. I still don’t know what caused it though.

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The problem is that Make does not offer me any previous version…

Heya @sestere

Thanks a lot for bringing up the issue here in the community :pray:

I got this step-by-step guide from the team so let’s see if we can resolve this together:

Currently, pre-validation errors in Make are unable to display the logs in a modal, which can result in the default error message of “invalid blueprint”. To address this issue, we can use the network tab to navigate to the actual error and fix it.

The network tab is available in all types of browsers. To begin, open your browser’s Network Console and make sure to keep it open for the following steps to record the network activities.

Next, access the specific scenario history page where the error occurred or run the execution where the “invalid blueprint” error was displayed. Copy the execution ID from the URL bar or from the logs and paste it into the search area in the browser Network Console.

You can then open the scenario log from the Network tab and review the pretty JSON format to identify the error. The log should display the error from Suberrors, and we have included a GIF to assist you in locating it.

We truly hope that these steps will help resolve the issue.


Feel free to let us know in here whether this did the trick for you.

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