Timeout warning in a http request

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner in using Make, and also in using API requests. I have a Make scenario that only contains one HTTP module (make an oauth 2.0 request) which triggers a Google Cloud Function. This function is a Python script that extracts data, and this extraction takes about thirty minutes.

I therefore have a warning that appears in Make because it exceeds the maximum timeout of 300 seconds. I actually use Make to schedule this trigger every day. Is there a simple solution to allow me to remove this 300 second warning? If my Python script, when executed, sends something back to Make, would that help? I saw that I could use a webhook, but there too I am completely new.**

Thank you in advance for your feedback and your patience :upside_down_face:!

Welcome to the Make community!

No, you cannot increase the max timeout of the HTTP module to more than 30 seconds.

What your external script should do, is make a HTTP request to a Custom webhook trigger in another Make scenario to continue.