Title: Error uploading image to PrestaShop using Http

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to use the HTTP module in Integromat to upload an image to a product in my PrestaShop store. However, I’m encountering difficulties and receiving the following error message: “Image format not recognized, allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png”.

Here is the configuration I have used:

  • API URL: https://MY_WEBSERVICE_TOKEN@MY_PRESTASHOP_DOMAIN/api/images/products/3907
  • Method: POST
  • Body type: Multipart/form-data
  • Fields:
    • Field Type: File
      • Key: image
      • Data:[Remote image URL I want to upload]
      • File Name: [Image file name]

I have verified that the image URL is correct and that the file format is JPG. I have also ensured that I have a valid Web Service token to authenticate my requests.

However, I continue to receive the aforementioned error. I have checked PrestaShop’s documentation and haven’t found any specific limitations regarding allowed image formats.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue when uploading images to PrestaShop using Integromat? Is there any additional configuration that I should be aware of?

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you can provide! Thank you very much in advance!

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