Todoist and Notion labels

So I am trying to get todoist to add a database entry in notion based on the labels I apply to it in todoist. The label array seems to passing a number code instead of the name. For instance in the screenshot the Label 1 - 2163451641 is actualy the label Personal in Todoist. Any idea on how to get the actual name of the label so I can route the workflows?

todoist snip

Hi @Brian_Buchanan I did not personally test this, but use the “get a label” module after you add the entry. This will probably return the data such as name:

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Thanks @Bjorn.drivn. That did work. Now on to other issues…Trying to input items in different databases in notion from todist labels. One label is easy but when you use several labels trying to sort them and iterate through them is a challenge.

Thanks again.

Need some more specifics on that one @Brian_Buchanan . Please explain what you have so far, where you are stuck and some screenshots :wink: