Notion-Todoist changing titles of random entries to "text"

Im a new user and Ive made an 2st-way integration between Notion and Todoist that I find the be working well except for this part, the integration suddenly changes random existing posts to “text” (both in Notion and Todoist and im not sure which one of them first).

Its not all of the posts, its just random ones and I cant really seem to determine what differentiates the posts thats getting changed with posts that arent.

I have looked over my integrations and I simply cant understand whats wrong. Anyone have any suggestions of what it could be or what Im doing wrong?

Hey @boudikka

Can you share your Make scenario configuration for the Todoist module?

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I figured it outmyself now (ironically directely after posting, despite having spent a singificant amout of time on it before)

I had by mistake changed one of the “Update post” modules to “Title: type” instead of “Title: plain text” and my eyes were more focused on the “Title” part than the second part when I was looking through it.

Leaving the post up in case someone else needs the help, or should i delete it?

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Heya @boudikka :wave:

Awesome work figuring this out on your own :clap:

Also, a big thank you for jumping back in and sharing what did the trick for you. That’s seriously valuable stuff, because it can be a total game-changer for other users seeking similar information in the future. We’re all about learning from each other, so it would be a shame to delete this thread.

Just FYI: I am marking your last reply as a solution to keep the community tidy and make it clear to others where the ultimate answer lies. :white_check_mark: