Getting Markdown formated content into Notion (and having it parsed!)

Has anyone been successful in getting formatted text into Notion successfully? Specifically, I’m trying to write to a database item content.

I’ve used the Markdown module to convert HTML to markdown. I’ve had a couple of occasions where the module has hiccuped and the last part isn’t converted, but generally, markdown is getting to Notion, but it’s not being “parsed” by Notion. Is there something that I should be doing in the Notion module to tell it that the text is preformatted? There’s nothing obvious that I’m finding - only clear options are to pass content as paragraph, heading, etc…


Hi @autothisthat,
Did you -by any chance- found a way to do so ?
I am also struggling right now on the exact same problem

Afraid not Martin. I’ve tried a variety of different things, and have (I guess) an open help ticket after getting an auto-generated email asking if “they” could help with anything as my first scenario wasn’t active. No response except for an auto-generated “we haven’t forgotten you”.

I haven’t had time to come back and fight with it in the past couple of weeks. Maybe a new thread with the specifics of your situation might attract new eyes and someone will be like “oh yea, I did that!” I’d love to be able to come back and use this…

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