How to make HTML to markdown?

I’m trying to transfer text from Evernote to Notion. I can only do it text, but no separator.

I am struggling with Notion too. I am transfering a markdown note from Amazing Marvin to Notion text block - and even this way the markdown does not get parsed. It sems to be a problem of the API only (I put the markdown text into a paragraph block via Make), as when I copy the note (even from within Make’s history) and paste it in Notion manually, it gets parsed without problems.

So even if you use the Markdown module/HTML to markdown (which is the actual answer to your question), you will probably hit a similar issue, I suspect.

EDIT: According to How do I add Markdown using Notion API? : Notion (, it seems that we actually have to parse the markdown ourselves and in Make and post relevant blocks to Notion’s API. Which seems to be limited to following types: Paragraph, Heading 1 - 3, Bullet list item, Numbered list item, Toggle, Todo.

Thanks for your comments. The Markdown module helps, but it has the same problem…
Zapier works good, but make is… I’m asking this to customer support.

Here is the solution customer support gave me for your reference.

I checked the Notion documentation (Working with page content), and, unfortunately, it doesn’t support posting Markdown directly. The Notion requires a specific format for content blocks. After some research, I found there is an open-source library (GitHub - tryfabric/martian: Markdown to Notion: Convert Markdown and GitHub Flavoured Markdown to Notion API Blocks and RichText 🔀📝) that can do the conversion, but connecting it with Make requires some significant technical know-how.

You can also suggest that as an improvement through our recently launched Idea Exchange (Platform ideas and improvements | Make).

Thank you for your time - I have actually found the same tool - and that is where I have stopped and started looking for an alternative way, as I am no way able to understand that, let alone set something like that up.

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Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Has anyone found a solution?

For my part, I have markdown content generated in Airtable and I would like to create a Make automation to integrate this markdown into pages. Like you, I expose myself to the problem of not being able to send an entire block of text at once, but an H1 then a text then an H1, …

I’m looking for a solution, you’re talking about Zapier which does better? Another library? A new Make feature?