Toggl time entries to Xero Projects

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Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has tried to transfer Toggl time entries into Xero Projects? Also is there any easy way to transfer bulk โ€˜tasksโ€™ into xero to report time against?


Hi @Malkier,

as far as I can there there is a beautifully developed Toggl App So you are able to receive a Webhook for every time entry. You then just connect it to the Xero Modules you need. Is there anything specific which isnโ€™t working?


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Thanks @Richard_Johannes - I will have a go at setting up a webhook and see how I go. Do you know what will happen with the webhook if I edit a toggl entry? Will it be possible to update the Xero time entry automatically?

Thanks :pray:t2:

I guess you will receive information :smiley: But I cannot tell you for sure. :confused:
I think you need to somehow match the update with a Xero entry but yeah, I had to look into it my self :confused:
Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Richard_Johannes