Tons of OAuth Errors Came Out of Left Field

So, I have just been letting Make sit for a few weeks and haven’t used it. The last I tested it, every scenario was working perfectly. Then I looked at my email inbox and saw this.

Then I opened an email and saw this.
make error message

Then I opened Make to look at it more closely and saw this.
make error simple log

What happened? Why? And most importantly, what can I do to prevent (not just temporarily fix) it from ever happening again? Thanks.

Your connection to hubspot expired and you can reconnect it in the connections part of your dashboard.

There may be a setting in hubspot that enables tokens to not expire but this may happen eventually. It’s part of the authentication process.

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The only purpose of setting up automation was to automate manual tasks that are manually repeated. If I have to repeatedly do manual tasks to keep the automation working, it defeats the purpose.

Agreed. Talk to hubspot to see why they expire their authentication so often.