Transfer multiple products in an order from Woocommerce to Woocommerce

Hello. I’m trying to automatically transfer orders from woocommerce to woocommerce (mirror site on another domain). I configured the nodes as in the picture, but if there are 2 or more products in the order, then only one (the first) is transferred.

Maybe someone will give a ready-made diagram with a picture, or export file, or advice on how to implement the transfer of an order with several products via

Hi @Yliya ,

It’s hard to help you without more information, but I’ll do my best. :slightly_smiling_face:
I see you’re using a repeater and aggregator. So I assume you want to iterate over different objects from your trigger. However, if that’s the case, you can replace the repeater and aggregator and use the array iterator instead.
If that doesn’t solve your problem, can you show a screenshot of the output from your trigger?

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I’m having trouble understanding how to attach it. If possible, at least an approximate scheme in text. Which modules to use next. There are no similar fields in the Woocommerce creat ordrer module.

  1. Woocommerce Whatch orders
  2. Itterator
  3. ???
  4. Woocommerce Create order

I guess I need to get these things.

I made one configuration more complicated, with an irregator and an aggregator further, but I get an id error (woocommerce_rest_invalid_item_id)

So I thought maybe someone has a ready-made template or info how create woo to woo orders… if 2 produts.

You might not need an iterator, because you are transferring (or dealing with) whole orders, not individual line items.


I checked, but the result is the same. Only the first item from the order is transferred to the order. The rest disappear.

How are you mapping the items in module [3]? Can you provide a screenshot?


Module 3

The remaining fields are empty

If you ever see square brackets like this, it means only the first item is mapped:

What you need to do is select the MAP option:

And put this variable in:


Now I remember that I did this in the first place. But both then and now, the error [400] The order item ID provided is not associated with an order occurred. (woocommerce_rest_invalid_item_id)

I checked, it is available both with the aggregator and if you connect directly. The module receives product data, but fails due to an error.

Yeah, that sounds right. The Item ID in one Wordpress site might be different from the other (depending on when or the order of the product/items were created), so using Make might not be the right solution for syncing the databases in this piecemeal manner.

If the Wordpress sites are 100% a clone, then you might want to look at copying the entire database or individual database tables directly.


The store is an exact copy, except for orders. After all, the main order is created with a new number. Is it possible to transfer products in it with other numbers (as I understand it, their ID is not accepted?)? One product is sent normally, but why don’t others go through?

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