Trello <> Pipedrive comments

Hey guys, what’s up?

My name is Jonatas, I’m new to Make and I’m trying to connect Trello <> Pipedrive CRM, very cool to meet you all.

Trigger: When adding any comments in Trello, send these comments to Pipedrive.

  • Problem: When making the connections in Make, it is not being linked to the business. The comment “Test 123”, for example, is going to all businesses. My idea is that each comment should be linked to its specific business.

In both Trello and Pipedrive the nomenclature (name) are the same.

Practical example:
I have a card in Trello called “College of Wisdom”, this same business has the same name in Pipedrive.

When I make a comment in Trello on the “Faculty of Wisdom” card, I would like to take the comment only to this business in Pipedrive.

Thanks in advance for the help, thankful for that!

Can you show the configuration of the Make Note module for Pipedrive? How are you identifying where to Make a Note in Pipedrive?

@alex.newpath, thank you for your time and for responding. Here is the information below, thank you.

You’re not filtering your list deals for the specific deal you wish to add a note to, so it will return all deals. You can put a filter after list deals on the path after list deals and filter on some data from the list deals output and the trello output to just process specific deals returned by list deals.

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@alex.newpath, thanks again,

Can you explain to me in a bit more detail how I do this?

Thank you in advance

I could but I already spent about 40 minutes responding to another topic and I am fairly sure the knowledge about applying filters to paths is already well documented elsewhere and on this forum.

Also check out the documentation thread.

@alex.newpath, perfect! Thanks for the feedback.

I will check the documentation information, thank you very much!

@alex.newpath, looking through your threads here, I see that you have an advanced knowledge of make.

Besides documentation, are there any tips on books and/or studies about make that you can recommend?

Hi @alex.newpath , how are you?

I’m still in over my head here.

Based on your tips/guidelines, I created a new scenario in Make: Watch comments > List deals > Update a deal > Create a note

I am crashing when I get to the update a deal step.

Can you provide me with additional help?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately I can’t right now a bit busy over here to parse your requirements from your screenshots

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Hi, @jonatascavalcant , I think this is what you are looking to do.

Name of the card in Trello that has to be the same as the name of the deal in Pipedrive.

@jonatascavalcant, let me know if it works for you.

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@Francisco_Fontes, I really appreciate your time and feedback.

I tried to do the flow as you showed me, but to no avail. I had a 400 error in the last step, can you help me?

I created exactly the same flow as yours:
Watch Comments > Search for items > Create a Note (I had an error in this step)

I created a quick video in loom (49 secs) to show you. Can you help me with this?


The reason for the error is that I was not logged into the correct account, my mistake.

As I have two accounts created, I ended up selecting the incorrect account.

Beginner’s mistake hahahahahaha, I apologize.

Solved, thank you very much for your help!

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