Trigger Scenario on Label applied to Gmail

Hey makers! I’ve got a scenario in Zapier that I want to recreate in but I’m stuck on step one. :sweat_smile:

Here’s the scenario I’d like to create:

  1. Trigger when an email in Gmail has a specific Label applied
  2. Create an item in

Here’s how it looks in Zapier:

I’ve tried to figure out on my own how to create a webhook to watch changes in my Gmail account but I get stuck with the developer docs and it gets a little too technical for me.

Ideally, would automatically have a trigger on things such as labels in Gmail. That would be awesome. But short of that it would be great to get a little help on this from the community.

It’s small things like this that keep me from moving 100% away from Zapier.


Hi @johnematias ,

You can use the gmail module with “Watch emails” and set a filter. This filter can hold a query to check only specific labels. See screenshot.

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Thanks @Drivn for the recommendation! I’ve considered this but it doesn’t provide parity with what I can do with the Zapier version. This would mean that I would have to run the scenario at periodic intervals so no matter what I’d be using up at least 1 operation every day, hour, or 15 minutes. That can really add up over a month. In addition, it isn’t immediate. In my situation I want to be able to immediately label an email so that one of my team members gets a task assigned to them in Monday so that they can take action as quickly as possible.

Hey @johnematias ,

Yes that is correct. Zapier does exactly the same thing, this is also not instant, but I believe they check data on their side which doesn’t require an operation?

Anyway, you can setup pub/sub notifications with the Google API like explained here: Push Notifications  |  Gmail API  |  Google Developers
This will be pretty complicated and requires some in depth knowledge of their APIs. I have setup a Pub/Sub event for Gmail a few weeks ago and it’s quite time intensive. Might be a bit overkill for you…

So there are not really any “easy” options for you right now to do this. You could think about another automation platform which could handle more intensive cron jobs cheaper.

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Yes @Drivn Zapiers integration right now runs only when the label is applied so it saves one on some of their “zaps” or runs. Thanks again for the idea.